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Behavioral Intelligence and Social & Emotional competency are two of the most critical skills needed for success in the 21st century. Transformational leaders and organizations must integrate systems and sustainable measures that grow both Behavioral Intelligence and Social & Emotional Literacy and Competency."

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people and Institutions face trauma daily

Structural Transformation

The need to promote social and emotional learning to families, schools, school districts, and communities has never been greater. Communities today face rapid structural transformation. Change is happening faster than at anytime in human history. And traditional institutions and organizations are not equipped to deal with the anxiety and emotional trauma inherent with modern life.

Change Is Inevitable
Trauma Is A Threat To Your Community

What Worked A few Years Ago Doesn't Work Today

Dick and Jane Graduated a Long Time Ago

Cities, big and small, throughout the country, are grappling with the reality that many of their traditional organizations and institutions are ill-prepared to cope with the realities of modern society.

Schools systems, as the nexus of a neighborhood, a community space and a reference point for families, are at the forefront of managing this change. 

Information Overload

School is no longer the place to go to get the information. It is now a place to learn how to assess and manage information.

In the past, schools were the keepers of knowledge and information. People attended school to receive, process, assimilate, and master information. Now mass volumes of unfiltered data, available 24/7, is driving the process. Unfortunately, raw data is not necessarily information or knowledge.

Information overload is a challenge facing administrators, teachers, and students alike. How to separate data from information? What is relevant, urgent, and essential? What is the opportunity cost? Who decides and how?

These and many other questions drive your organization. You know from experience that data and information drive change. And that often the unintended consequence is conflict, anxiety, and trauma - especially when a person has not learned HOW to evaluate and process data and information.

The Modern Family is

Many families no longer have an adult at home balancing life, work, time, and relationships. And single parent and non-traditional families create unique dynamics and needs. 

The very definition of "family" is ambiguous, and potentially contentious. Regardless of the structure, families with children are challenged daily to find the time and resources to manage and balance their lives. 

The Pace Of Modern Life is Exhausting 

The pace of life is exhausting. Limited resources, exacting cultural expectations, intense peer pressure, media and social-media overexposure, and the like over stimulate our brains.

It is increasing difficult to create and maintain a safe, consistent, and nurturing environment for growth and development.

Stress, anxiety, depression, burn out, and even suicide are increasingly becoming the norm within our communities and households.

Technology is a Game Changers

Technology - the good, the bad, and the ugly - is a game changer for everyone. We embrace the good. Accept and rationalize the bad. And neither understand nor fully appreciate the ugly. 

Regardless, it is here to stay. And it must be managed both strategically and tactically - for the individual, family, business, and community.

Our Principles

The DreamBig principles are applicable throughout your community - families, schools, businesses, and community organizations. They are appropriate to everyone. And can be delivered on site or online; individually, in classrooms, or group settings.

D.R.E.A.M.B.I.G. Principles
  • D  D.R.E.A.M.B.I.G.
  • R  Build mutually beneficial relationships
  • E  Increase Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • A  Affirm everyone's values and contribution
  • M  Mentorship
  • B  Understand how you fit into the big picture
  • I  Live a life of inspiration
  • G dare to be great  
measurable and sustainable results

-  A Performance Technology

-  Strategic Focus

-  Systems Approach

-  An Investment

-  A philosophy

-  Interdisciplinary

-  data driven

-  Scientifically Validated

-  scalable

-  community Engagement

the future is Behaviorally Smart And Emotionally Intelligent learning





The DreamBig City Initiative
  • Behavioral-Based Financial Wellness and Literacy
  • Value-Based Living
  • Character Education, Development, & Evaluation
  • Building Sustainable Relationships
  • Time Management Principles
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Mindset Development & Maintenance
  • 7 Core D.R.E.A.M.B.I.G. City Competencies

DreamSmart - The World's Only Behaviorally Smart & Emotionally Intelligent Platform


The DreamSmart platform is a sole source, innovative, disruptive, and transformational multi-tiered ecosystem that’s been created to maximize our students’ mental resiliency, emotional mastery, relationship building, time management, character development, financial literacy, and behavioral self-management skills.

The DreamSmart platform provides a behaviorally smart and emotionally intelligently performance framework to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate individual and organizational systems and outcomes.

The DreamBig Performance System

The DreamSmart platform engages children, parents, staff, faculty, administrators, and the community. The DreamSmart platform uses highly validated behavioral science research and is delivered on cutting-edge technology platforms under three primary brands:

DreamBig is an interdisciplinary approach to improve student, teacher, school, district, and administration performance. It is designed to help you integrate social and emotional learning (SEL) and behavioral management solutions into your learning environment.

Our system inspires students to dream, creates leaders, and is transformative in the lives of your community, administrators, facility, staff, and teachers.

Potential Learners

D.R.E.A.M.B.I.G. employs social emotional learning to improve individual and organizational performance. Learners in many diverse settings throughout your community will benefit from this program. See List ... 

Your Challenge

Modern organizations are infinitely complex and dynamic. Peak performance requires continual monitoring and adjustment of organizational systems to adapt to internal and external change.

Organizations are socio-economic systems and subsystems that exist to achieve measurable tasks and goals. They are accountable to their constituency and stakeholders. Peak performing organizations are sustainable and evaluated proportional to their real and perceived level of performance. 

Social emotional learning is the catalyst for the DreamBig City of the future. Don't get left behind.

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Jeff Morris

Founder/CEO DreamSmart Academy

Best Selling Author, Trainer, Speaker Servant Leader, Social Entrepreneur, Education Entrepreneur, Veteran Advocate, Mindset Management Expert, Life Coach, Motivational Teacher, University Lecturer, Master Money Coach, and Certified Credit Expert. Read More ...

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